Following Article 7 of the Law no. 119/2014 “The Right to Information”, the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) has prepared a transparency programme. The information made public in this programme intends to reveal the work activity of ASPA, through its detailed coverage on the official website, as well as in the premises public areas.

The documentation made public will be updated continuously. The official website of ASPA is built in an easily comprehensible format that provides information to the public without the need for a request. The sections of the official website also reflect information that is characterized by restrictions on the identification of personal data, due to the protection of the privacy of individuals or data subjects, etc.

The main principles on which the ASPA Transparency Program is based are:

1. “Right to information” is a Constitutional right provided in Article 23, accessible to all without exceptions.
2. The presumption of maximum publication of data: ASPA exercises public functions, therefore the information derived from its activity is published under applicable law.
3. The correct implementation of the law and legal provisions that specifically regulate the activity of ASPA and respectively: Law no. 9887, dated on. 10.03.2008 “Personal data protection” amended, Law no. 119/2014 “Right to information”.
4. The information is adapted in a clear and understandable language.
5. The supervisory body of public information procedures is the Information and Data Protection Commissioner.
6. The review of the transparency program is made according to the same procedure through which its approval is done.
7. Public information without requests must be:

• Complete
• Correct
• Updated
• Easy in consultations
• Understandable
• Easily accessible
• Compatible with the original documents in the possession of the public authority

Under this approved transparency programme, ASPA makes available to the public, on its website and in the public reception facilities the above categories, in a special menu entitled “Transparency”.

The Commissioner of the Right to Information and Personal Data Protection monitors the implementation of the law on the right to information, by promoting the principle of transparency in the work of public authorities in particular, by raising awareness, and by informing on issues upon the right to information.

The Commissioner makes recommendations to the public authorities regarding the conception and the implementation of institutional transparency programmes.

The Coordinator for the right to information

Anxhela Husha


Address: Bulevardi “Zhan D’Ark”, nr.31, Tiranë