The training needs assessment (TNA) represents one of the cornerstones for a successful training delivery and impact. The TNA should provide a clear connection between what is needed and what could be provided in terms of training, as a contribution toward the path to development.

The Albanian School of Public Administration, during the period October-November 2018, conducted a TNA (2019 – 2020), for all state employees from central government, independent institutions, as well as local administration. This was the first time that the exercise of the TNA, was performed at such a large scale, covering national, institutional and state employee levels for the evaluation of the training needs. The assessment was done on three major categories of training needs, such as support to the implementation of functional duties, support to the European Integration process, as well as support for communication in foreign languages.

At the beginning of October 2022, ASPA started the training needs assessment (TNA) for upcoming year 2023. The process included all state administration institutions, independent institutions and local government. The information collected from TNA was processed by prioritizing the needs based on legal framework obligations, strategic priorities and strategic framework, as well as professional development training and than the results of the process was reflected in the training program.  As above, taking in consideration what we mention in the first passage, we have identified about 107 training topics that are already included in the training program during 2023.