The training needs assessment (TNA) represents one of the corner stones, for a successful training delivery and impact. The TNA should provide a clear connection between what is needed and what could be provided in terms of training, as a contribution toward the path to development.

The Albanian School of Public Administration, during the period October-November 2018, conducted a TNA (2019 – 2020), for all state employees from central government, independent institutions, as well as local administration. This was the first time, that the exercise of the TNA, was performed at such a large scale, covering national, institutional and state employee levels for the evaluation of the training needs. The assessment was done on three major categories of training needs, such as support to the implementation of functional duties, support to the European Integration process, as well as support for communication in foreign languages. The results of the assessment process were checked and refreshed with all public institutions again in 2019 and 2020 and have served to our school to shape training offers that aimed to fulfill concrete needs and addresses concrete issues at individual and institutional levels.

Right now our school is preparing to launch the TNA process for 2021 – 2022. It is going to be again a largescale exercise and it will involve directly state employees as well as public institutions.