The Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) is a central public institution, with administrative and academic autonomy, with the mission of training the civil servants of central government, local government, and independent institutions. ASPA has been operating since 2000, initially organized as the Training Institute of Public Administration (TIPA) and since 2013 as the Albanian School of Public Administration. The organization and operation of ASPA is governed by Law No. 152/2014 On the Civil Servant, as well as the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 138, of 12 March 2014 On the Organization and Functioning of the Albanian School of Public Administration and Training of Civil Servants.

ASPA provides various services in the framework of classroom-based training programs, Trainer of Trainers Programs, internship programs, e-learning programs, et al. Every year ASPA trains approximately 5,000 public officials, based on more than 100 didactic Training Modules. ASPA collaborates with trainers of rich experience coming from the Academia, Public Administration, and local expertise in various fields.


Speech by the Director

Dear Reader,

My name is Kleopatra Maliqi, Since June 2018 I am the Director of the School of Public Administration. I have accepted this task with the deep belief that working with knowledge and for knowledge is the safest way to develop a society. With this belief and with the support of the school team, we are working together to bring close to you an institution that knows how to respond to your needs with quality, integrity, with a customer-oriented approach, boosting collaboration, innovation in the learning process, and transparency.

The mission we have embarked upon for the upcoming years is to provide quality services to support the development process of public administration and of our entire society, by finding the link between need, training and change, to deserve your trust, demonstrating our highest commitment to the public interest. As we look to the future, we visualize a challenging vision for the School’s strategic development goal, which is: “To be a leading institution for the capacity building of Public Administration”.

Thanking You for Your attention, I would like to invite you to get to know our services and team from a closer perspective!