There are several ways to help ourselves grow professionally. Coaching is one of them. Qualified as one of the most efficient methods of professional development, coaching helps us to get in depth of our work and clarify ourselves about it, benefiting from the individual support of a professional in the same field, at every level, until we get to where we aim to become. Coaching raises awareness of alternatives within the work place, makes choices easier and accelerates vocational training within a shorter time than other forms of training. Coaching is a rapidly expanding culture because it promotes and encourages professional growth and exchange of experiences. It is a method used to empower employees to be focused and result-oriented in their work.


Even the best of professionals, with many years of experience and a tight portfolio of qualifications, may find themselves stuck in their jobs. Mentoring is of great help when it comes to maximizing the combination of knowledge with experience, but also for further development.

Identified as an important tool for personal development, mentoring effectively assists in career advancement. It represents the interaction between two people (mentor and mentee) within a given sector and sharing common interests. The mentor serves as a guide for the mentee to find solutions, exit strategies and alternatives for his or her future, which the mentee is unable to identify for himself of herself.

Mentors use personal experiences in the same or similar sectors to address issues, providing bridges between opportunities and promoting their use. Mentors ask questions, challenge and foster reflection, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, they also transmit knowledge, help to explore new ideas, analyse oneself better, see problems, opportunities, goals and solutions more clearly.

The School is establishing its own network of mentors (in the context of mentoring and coaching), who are ready to help anyone who aims to develop himself, or herself. Need some advice? Want to contribute as a mentor or coach? Please contact us at: