Public Administration needs qualified staff, people with good management skills who know how to analyse, plan, implement and monitor effectively and efficiently, who have a high sense of responsibility towards the public good, and who know how to work in a team, but also independently. In order to make sure that the civil servants embody all these qualities, the School of Public Administration offers on-going training and development opportunities for civil servants, other staff of State administration, and the general public.

Our programs are comprehensive and administration oriented. They are offered in several ways, the most common of which is classroom-based training. We provide both education and training. Education means acquiring knowledge, while training means practicing a certain pattern of behaviour and receiving instruction.

During 2018 alone we have set up an archive of 103 Didactic Training Modules that respect the adult learning principles. We are aware that while we exercise our tasks, we must bear in mind that:


  • The adults need to know why do they have to learn something;
  • The adults need to feel that they are the ones directing their learning process and experience;
  • The adults are open to the learning process and it is the later helps them in performing best;
  • The adults start a learning experience if the information is provided to them in the form of a problem that needs to be solved;
  • Learning in adults is motivated by internal factors, such as the need for self-assessment, achievement, responsibility, and from external factors as well, such as a higher salary, promotion, or better working conditions.