We are delighted to announce that today we have started the institutional talks for shaping future cooperation between the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and the Albanian School of Public Administration.

In the meeting were present these officials:
Mrs. Jana Repanšek, Director of the Center of Excellence in Finance, (CEF) in Ljubljana, Slovenia;
Mrs. Irena Lukač, Chief Partnership Officer, Center of Excellence in Finance, (CEF) in Ljubljana, Slovenia;
Mrs. Kleopatra Maliqi, Director General, Albanian School of Public Administration, Albania;
Mrs. Adela Kula, Director of Training Directory, Albanian School of Public Administration, Albania.

The scope of the institutional cooperation:
The parties will cooperate on, inter alia, the exchange of experience and good practices related to institutional developments in the area of learning and development as well as public finance.

About CEF, Slovenia:
The Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) was established in 2001. CEF supports capacity development of public officials and their institutions in South East Europe through learning and knowledge sharing.
CEF combines topical expertise in the fields of public financial management, tax policy and administration, central banking and data and analysis for designing policies in the region with a good grasp of leadership skills required to manage reforms. CEF does this through innovative, participatory, and practical learning solutions.

Another important focus of CEF’s activities is to support our member institutions in becoming knowledge hubs and learning organizations. This requires strengthening the enabling environment in the institution and the skills of the staff for high-quality knowledge sharing and learning.

About ASPA:
The Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) is a central, public institution responsible for providing obligatory and non-obligatory learning and development services to central government, local government, and independent institutions. Our institution was established in Tirana, in the year 2000, initially organized as the Training Institute of Public Administration (TIPA) and since 2013 as the Albanian School of Public Administration.

The purpose of our organization is to support the development of the Albanian Public Administration, ensuring that public employees have the knowledge, skills and experience to fulfil individual and organisational needs. Annually, around 5000 individuals and 17000 participants from public administration bodies participate in our training services.

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