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Erjona Bana Canaj

Master Trainer

As. Prof. Erjona Bana (Canaj) is currently a Commissioner at the Ombudsman in Albania.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and a Master Degree in Family Law from University “Sapienza” Rome, Italy. Ms. Bana (Canaj) holds a PhD Degree in International and European Union Law from the same University focusing on European Union Law, the Single Market and in particular the right of family reunification.

She has been working in some of the most prominent attorney offices in Rome (Italy). She has worked as a student advisor and lecturer assistant at the University of “La Sapienza” at the Department of International and European Union Law (2007-2009).

Ms. Bana (Canaj) has more than 13 years extensive professional experience as a lecturer of European Union Law, and Human Rights. She has held the position of Commanded Dean of Faculty of Law at the European University of Tirana (2017) Head of Department of Public Law (2016−2017), Head of Department of Private Law (2015) Head of Department of International and European Union Law (2011) Faculty of Law at the European University of Tirana etc. She has an academic and research background, on European Union Law in particular on EU institutions, acquis communitaire, EU legislation, application of the EU legislation and the case law, free movement of goods, persons, services and capitals as well as numerous fields of EU integration process of Albania. She has an academic and research background on Human Rights and Migration Law as well.

In addition to the academic background, Ms. Bana (Canaj) also have a strong legal counseling experience in the area of european issues, integration process and human rights and, working as coordinator and/or external expert in several international and national projects. She has been actively engaged in project development the area of European Union law, family law and refugee law as well as in research at the national and regional level, including working as a trainer on her areas of expertise in Albania and Kosovo.

She is also a trainer at the Albanian School of Public Administration. She has been also part of many international and national conferences within the fields of interest and published several books and co- authored academic books in the areas of international law, family law, refugee law, such as E drejta e Bashkimit Europian. Tirana, 2020. (European Union Law), Migration Law in Albania, Kluwer Law International, 2019, E drejta e bashkimit familjar. Ne Bashkimin Europian dhe ne Shqiperi, UETPRESS, Tirana, 2018 (The right of Family reunification in EU and Albania, E drejta e Bashkimit Europian. Tirana, 2014. (European Union Law) Lëvizja e lirë e personave në Bashkimin Europian, (Free movement of persons in EU) Tirana, 2014, Il diritto al ricongiungimento familiare nel diritto internazionale e dell’Unione Europea, Edizioni Nuova Cultura, Roma, Italia, 2014. (Right of Family Reunification in International and European Union law) E drejta e Bashkimit Europian, Tirana, 2011. (European Union Law) E drejta e Bashkimit  Europian. I azhurnuar me Traktatin e Lisbonës, Tirana (Albania), 2010. (European Union Law, Edition updated to the Treaty of Lisbon), E drejta dhe legjislacioni, Botem, Tiranë, 2013.