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Eralda Methasani Çani – Trainer

Prof. Eralda (Methasani) Çani, a law graduate with the School of Law, Tirana University (UT) in 1996. She studied at the University of Leyden, Netherlands during 1995, finished in 1998 the postgraduate studies LL.M. in Comparative Constitutional Law at the University of New York School, USA/CEU, Budapest, Hungary, Doctoral Studies in Public Law at UT in 2008, and received the academic title ‘Associate Professor in 2011 and ‘Professor’ in 2015 from the UT/Ministry of Education of Albania. Since 1998 she is a full-time pedagogue in the field of public law at the School of Law, UT, where she also has held various administrative positions. She is a part-time lecturer with the Institute of European Studies of UT and the School of Magistrates of Albania. She has extensive experiences with international organizations such as the OSCE, UNDP, UNWOMEN, the World Bank, OECD-SIGMA, regional organizations such as ReSPA-Regional School of Public Administration, local civil society (she has run a non-profit organization from 2007 to 2013) as well as with domestic state institutions. During 2013-2016 she contributed as a Prime Minister’s Advisor on Public Law, and 2016-2017 as the Deputy Minister of Integration. She is co-author of the first Albanian-English-Albanian Dictionary of Human Rights in Albania-Kosova, of several texts ad books such as ‘Rule of law in the Constitution of the Republic of Albania’, Ed.s of the ‘Issues of Administrative Law in a comparative view’, co-author of the ‘Basic knowledge on constitutional and administrative law: lectures for students’, as well as of different manuals adopted for administrative law related issues including all the manuals on the conflict of interests in Albania, and of a vast number of articles and presentations at national and international conferences, symposiums or seminars. She has conducted an extensive research in areas of administrative and constitutional law and human rights. Administrative law, administrative procedure, public administration, gender equality and the public law regulatory framework are in the focus of her work with numerous researches and studies as well as contributions in public policies. She has been involved with the Albanian School of Public Administration since 2000 when it was first established as the Institute for Trainings for the Public Administration in Albania for the development and conduct of the curricula related to administrative and constitutional law and human rights.